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Emerson Rosemount Analytical 1054B 1054BC pH ORP Microprocessor Analyzer

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  • Emerson Rosemount Analytical 1054B 1054BC pH ORP Microprocessor Analyzer

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The Emerson / Rosemount Analytical 1054A Microprocessor pH Analyzer with the appropriate sensor, are designed to continuously measure and control pH, ORP, conductivity, percent concentration, dissolved oxygen and total free chlorine in industrial and municipal processes.


The Model 1054A is housed in a NEMA 4X (IP65) weatherproof corrosion-resistant, flame retardant enclosure suitable for panel, pipe or wall mounting. All functions are accessed through the front panel membrane keyboard which features tactile feedback. Measurement data may be read at any time; however, settings may be protected against accidental or unauthorized changes by a user selectable security code. The display indicates the measured value in engineering units as well as temperature, alarm status, hold output and fault conditions.


The analyzer transmits an isolated current output which is continuously expandable over the measurement range for either direct or reverse action. A hold output function is available for allowing manual control during routine sensor maintenance. During hold mode the output will be at a preset or last process value.


In the event of one of the following conditions, the analyzer will drive the output to a preset value in addition to displaying a fault code. Continuous self diagnostics alerts the user.


With automatic buffer recognition, the analyzer recognizes the buffers, then calculates the electrode slope using stored pH-temperature curves for ten common buffers.


Dual alarms are a standard feature on the Model 1054A and are programmable for either high or low operation. Alarm 2 may be programmed to activate in event of a failure detected by the continuous diagnostics. Both alarms feature independent setpoints, adjustable hysteresis and time delay action. A dedicated interval timer with relay is also provided for chemical or ultrasonic cleaning.


The 1054A automatically compensates the pH reading for process temperature changes. Automatic or manual temperature compensation is keyboard selectable. The process temperature can be read on the display in °F or °C.

Product Family: 1054APH, 1054A PH, 1054A-PH, 1054A, 1054 A, 1054-A, 2054, 1054 APH, 1054 A PH, 1054 A-PH, 1054-APH, 1054-A PH, 1054-A-PH, 1054A/PH


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