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Lot 2 Olympus CV-140 Evis Video System Center & CLV-U40 Universal Light Source


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What You’ll get:

  • Olympus CV-140 Evis Video System Center
  • Olympus CLV-U40 Evis Universal Light Source
  • (2) Power Cord

  Remote Controls/Scope/ Attachements/ Accessories/ Anything Else Not Mentioned or Pictured NOT INCLUDED.

Other Accessories that are Not pictured or mentioned under “What You’ll Get” are  Not  included

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Pulled from a working environment. Unit tested to power on with no problems. All buttons and controls are functional and responsive. Works great!
Guaranteed Working!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


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Olympus CV-140 Video Processor Features

The Olympus CV-140 Video Processor is compatible with standard and big chip endoscopes. The CV-140 allows the user to enhance, freeze, and adjust color settings to provide clear and accurate images from inside the body.

  • Automatic gain control (AGC) The image can be electrically amplified when the light is inadequate due to the distal end of the videoscope being too far from the subject.
  • Iris mode selection The area over which light is measured can be changed according to the body part that is being observed. The following selections can be performed using the “IRIS” switch on the front panel. AVE: during normal observation; Peak: When focusing on and/or observing a small bright area.
  • Freeze screen display A stationary image can be displayed using the endoscope switch, keyboard or OVC switch.
  • Video signal output VBS composite, Y/C, RGB; simultaneous output is possible.


Olympus CLV-U40 300W xenon light source Features:

  • Automatic brightness control
  • Average lamp life of approximate 500 hours
  • Air feeding pump with 4 level switching
  • Emergency backup lamp
  • Compatible with Evis 200, 160, 140, 100 series video scopes to OES fiber scopes and all rigid endoscope


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