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Marquette Case 15 Medical ECG Function Series 1900 Treadmill Stress Analysis

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  • Marquette Case 15 Medical ECG Function Series 1900 Treadmill Stress Analysis

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Treadmill 3 prong power cable and other accessory connecting cables are NOT included.

  Treadmill power cable, connectors, plugs, Anything Else Not Mentioned or Pictured NOT INCLUDED.

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Unit was plugged in but monitor did not power ON.
We do not have to power cord for the treadmill there was no further testing. 
Unable to test for full functionality so unit is
Sold AS-IS or for PARTS!


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The treadmill needs lubing as it squeaks while it is on.


Taken from the Internet: 

Marquette Case 15 Stress Test System

The Marquette Case 15 Stress Test System combines proven stress testing performance with additional diagnostic capabilities. It provides a wide variety of standard ECG functions in a compact mobile system.


The Marquette 1900 Series Treadmill offers many important advances in treadmill design and performance. It starts slowly and smoothly from a standstill to accommodate severely debilitated patients. Digital microprocessor control assures accurate speed and grade settings that never need to be calibrated. A standard emergency stop button stops the belt immediately. Its extremely quiet operation permits accurate blood pressure measurements at high work loads.

The series 1900 accelerates and decelerates rapidly over a wide speed range for quick precise stage changes. It takes less floor space and is easier to move and store yet provides more walking surface and higher weight capacity than larger heavier treadmills.







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