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5 Lot Panasonic AY-HDVM63AMQ HDV DV DVCAM 1080i Tape Cassette Professional Grade


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  • (5 Lot) Panasonic AY-HDVM63AMQ HDV DV DVCAM 108i Tape Cassette Professional Grade 63 Min.


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Brand new in original packaging. Some units where only opened for inspection.

Taken from the Internet: 

The AY-HDVM63AMQ Mini HDV/DV/DVCAM Compatible Advanced Master Cassette from Panasonica Small HDV cassette that has 63 minutes of recording time in SP function. The record is built to hold up against the recurring rewinding, fast sending and play-back of expert modifying. It has a +1.2dB higher outcome level offered by using S-AME (Super Innovative Steel Evaporation) technology.

The record has 30% less dropouts than the competitors. The dry-type lubrication and wide DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) movie development increases strength for high-speed shuttling, still-frame and expert modifying. A area course of treatment further decreases the chance of a head block, while keeping outcome great and bit mistake rate low. The record is offered in a durable plastic material case with side hair to avoid random starting. Special lines allow safe putting, and all areas have a non-slip ribbed design. 


  • Professional mini DV videocassette with 63 minutes of recording time in SP mode
  • S-AME (Super Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology, employed yields a higher magnetic density, providing +1.2dB higher output vs. the competition
  • 30% fewer dropouts than the competition
  • Dry-type lubricant and thick DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) film development boosts durability for high speed shuttling, still-frame and professional editing. A surface treatment process further reduces the chance of a head clog, while keeping output high and bit error rate low.
  • Stable tape transport and significantly extended head life
  • Rugged hard plastic case with side locks to prevent accidental opening. Special grooves allow safe stacking. All surfaces have a non-slip ribbed pattern.


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