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Abbott Cell-Dyn 3200SL Automated Hematology Lab Analyzer Multiparameter 3200 SL


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Product Description

What You’ll get:

  • Abbott Cell-Dyn 3200SL Automated Hematology Lab Analyzer Multiparameter 3200 SL
  • (2) Sample Holders
  • Dade Behring PC Computer
    • MicroScan Software
    • MicroScan LabPro Software
    • Modem Card Installed
    • Comm Card Installed
    • Power Cord
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
  • LCD Monitor 15″-inch
    • Power Cord
    • VGA Cable
  • (2) Cell-Dyn 3200 Installation floppy disks
  • (2) Cell-Dyn 3200 Set-up floppy disks
  • Xerox Phase 3150 Printer
    • Power Cord
    • Transfer Cable
  • (2) Cell-Dyn System 3200 Operator’s Manual
  • MicroScan Operator’s Manual
  • MicroScan LabPro Operator’s Manual
  • Cell-Dyn 3200 Host Interface Specification
  • Power Cable 

Other Accessories that are Not pictured or mentioned under “What You’ll Get” are  Not  included

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Pulled from a working environment. Unit was fully functioning prior to removal and was deinstalled by professional technicians. Unit is fully operable.
Guaranteed Working!


Pictures are of actual item. Unit has some minor scuffs and coloring because of it’s age but overall in good shape. Please Reference Pictures for Cosmetics

Taken from the Internet: 

The CELL-DYN 3200 is Abbott’s newest, compact automated hematology analyzer designed for the general hematology lab. The instrument employs dual technologies upon request to provide the basis for a 5-Part WBC Differential. CELL-DYN’s patented Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (M.A.P.S.S.) technology provides the primary white blood cell count, all differential information, and a nuclear optical count that is used to provide additional information in the presence of fragile lymphocytes and hypotonically resistant red blood cells. The system also provides optical platelet and RBC analysis along with extended WBC and platelet linearity. 

The CELL-DYN 3200 features an automatic start-up cycle designed to prime the flow system and check the background counts. The analyzer also automatically performs a shut-down cycle and places itself in standby mode. The CELL-DYN 3200 offers both open and closed sampling options on two instrument versions. The CELL-DYN 3200SL version includes the open mode and a fully integrated 50 position sample loader that can process approximately 70 samples per hour. The CELL-DYN 3200CS version offers single, closed tube sampling along with the open mode. 
A high speed data management system offers patient report customization to include patient ID, 22 parameters, 6 limit sets, color cytograms, color histograms and a manual differential transcription grid. 

Intended Use 
The CELL-DYN??3200 is a multiparameter, automated 
hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in 
clinical laboratories. 
The CELL-DYN 3200 generates the following hematologic 
measurements on EDTA anticoagulated whole blood: 
WBC — White Blood Cell or leukocyte count 
NEU — Neutrophil absolute count %N — Neutrophil percent 
LYM — Lymphocyte absolute count %L — Lymphocyte 
MONO — Monocyte absolute count %M — Monocyte percent 
EOS — Eosinophil absolute count %E — Eosinophil percent 
BASO — Basophil absolute count %B — Basophil percent 
RBC — Red Blood Cell or erythrocyte count 

HGB — Hemoglobin concentration 
HCT — Hematocrit 
MCV — Mean Cell Volume 
MCH — Mean Cell Hemoglobin 
MCHC — Mean Cell Hemoglobin Concentration 
RDW — Red Cell Distribution Width 
PLT — Platelet or thrombocyte count 
MPV — Mean Platelet Volume 
PDW*— Platelet Distribution Width 
PCT* — Plateletcrit 
* Clinical significance has not been established for these 
parameters. Therefore, they are not reportable. 

System Components 
The CELL-DYN 3200 consists of three major modules, the 
Analyzer, Data Module, and the Display Station. The Analyzer 
and Data Module are housed in single chassis. The Display 
Station is a standalone module. Figure 1.3 lists the major 
subassemblies in each of the modules. 
The Analyzer contains the hardware to aspirate, dilute, and 
analyze each whole blood specimen. 
The Data Module contains the components for analyzing, 
storing, and reporting specimen results. 
The Display Station module consists of a 15” color monitor 
and pressure-sensitive keypad for selecting the displayed 
commands that operate the system. 
The Sample Loader attaches to the front of the CELL-DYN 
3200SL Analyzer and is an integral part of the SL model. The 
Sample Loader is discussed throughout this manual where 

The aspiration volumes are: 
Open Mode 120 µL ± 10% 
Closed Mode (CS) 250 µL ± 10% 
Sample Loader (SL) 250 µL ± 10% 
Once the mode of aspiration is selected, the whole blood 
sample is aspirated to the Shear Valve by vacuum/pressure 
action. An ultrasonic sensor, located upstream of the Shear 
Valve, checks the integrity of the sample stream before it 
enters the Shear Valve. An LED sensor, located downstream of 
the Shear Valve, checks the sample stream to ensure the proper 
amount of blood has been transferred through the Shear 

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