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ADPRO FastTX AFTX-20 20-Ch 30-Alarm Remote Video Audio Transmitter Recorder


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  • ADPRO FastTX AFTX-20 20-Ch 30-Alarm Remote Video Audio Transmitter Recorder
  • Power Adapter


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The ADPRO FastTx remote video and audio transmitter/recorder is the benchmark for live transmission of outstanding quality video and audio. Developed to satisfy the most stringent requirements, ADPRO FastTx encompasses years of technological leadership of the video transmission market for security and surveillance applications. ADPRO FastTx utilizes LAN/WAN network systems or data links to protect and monitor your sites, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Model Numbers:

AFTX-10: FastTX with 10 video inputs, 20 alarm inputs, 10 programmable outputs

AFTX-20: FastTX with 20 video inputs, 30 alarm inputs, 20 programmable outputs

AFTX-xx-D: Version denotes down-the-coax capability for compatible telemetry systems


Multi-camera views for rapid assessment of all site activity

Simultaneous access by multiple remote users to live video

Integrated PTZ telemetry support and PTZ preset on alarm, plus optional down-the coax module

Integrated audio transmission plus optional audio switcher for multi-channel operation

Efficient video compression enables fast access over limited bandwidth links

Three communication ports for maximum flexibility

Bandwidth throttle constrains data rate within user-selected or network based limits

Multiple alarm inputs with tamper detection, flexible mapping and zone isolation

Downloadable event log for standards compliant audit trails of site activity

Secure viewing software automatically linked to exported evidential images

Connection to data sources such as EPOS for transaction data along with the video viewing

Automatic checking of FastTx operation using SitePulse feature

Local indication of Arm/Disarm and Detector status

High communications integrity includes communications path diagnostics and back-up

Purpose built hardware platform with Embedded Real Time Operating System for reliable, uninterrupted operation

Upgradeable to full digital video recording functionality

Integral activity detection enables cameras to generate an alarm on the occurrence of movement

High Level Interface to ADPRO Presidium intelligent video platform

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