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Alcor Scientific S-1000-SI 5-295ml/hr 1-2000ml Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump


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What You’ll get:

  • Alcor Scientific S-1000-SI 5-295ml/hr 1-2000ml Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump

Power Cord Not Included

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Unit powers ON but is not fully tested for functionality therefore its been
Sold AS-Is for parts or repair!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.

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Alcor Scientific Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump has bright dual display which shows infusion rate and volume delivered simultanously

Ensures reliable delivery while helping to minimize false alarms

Advanced software retains pump history until manually erased, even in power failures and when pump is turned of

Unique rotor shape helps indicate pump operation from a reasonable distance

Easily recognizable audible and visual alarms

Easy and convenient tranport

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More Information

A large LED display is easy to read, and brightness can be adjusted for day or night operation. The Sentinel pump also features a backup battery to allow patient mobility, integral pole clamp, and a cap holder which helps keep distal tip free of contamination. The smooth surface is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Dose Check keeps a record of the accumulated amount of formula delivered over several feedings. The memory is not erased when the unit is turned off or unplugged.


Particulars           Specification

Rates     5 to 295ml/hr in 1ml increments

Dose Limit           1 to 2000ml in 1ml increments/2000-9999ml in 5ml increments

Accuracy              +/- 10%

Occlusion Pressure          15psi

Battery 12v, 1.3 AH sealed lead acid

Recharge             Continuous while unit is plugged into AC outlet

Memory              Retained without power required


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Weight 12 lbs






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