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Automation Direct D0-06DD1-D Direct Logic 06 KOYO 4-Slot Base Rack Chassis 12V+


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  • Automation Direct D0-06DD1-D Direct Logic 06 KOYO 4-Slot Base Rack Chassis 12V+


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DL06 CPU, 20 DC in / 16 DC out, requires external 12-24 VDC power. 14.8k words total (7679 words ladder – flash, 7488 words V-memory), RLL/RLLPLUS programming (DirectSOFT32 Version 4.0 or higher), two built-in RS-232C communication ports. Secondary communications port supports RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485, DirectNET Master/Slave, MODBUS RTU, Master/Slave, and ASCII In/Out. Inputs: 20 DC inputs, 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing, 5 isolated commons (4 inputs per common). First 4 inputs are configurable in one of several high-speed I/O features such as 7KHz counter input, pulse catch input, or interrupt input (not available when using pulse output). Outputs: 16 DC outputs, 12-24 VDC current sinking, 1.0A/point max., 4 isolated commons (4 points per common). 2 outputs are configurable for independent CW/CCW pulse train output or step and direction pulse output up to 10kHz (0.5A/point) (not available when using high-speed inputs). Four option slots available for I/O or communication modules. 

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