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Daystar Inc DS-100C Photovoltaic Curve Tracer Energy Engineering RS-232 USB


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Product Description

What You’ll get:

  • Daystar Inc DS-100C Photovoltaic Curve Tracer Energy Engineering RS-232 USB
  • Power Cord
  • RS-232 Serial Cord

  Leads, probes, or any other accessories needed are NOT included.

Other Accessories that are Not pictured or mentioned under “What You’ll Get” are  Not  included

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Pulled from a working environment. Unit tested to power on with no problems. All buttons and controls are functional and responsive. Works great!
Guaranteed Working!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


Taken from the Internet: 

The standard DS-100C Tracer has two user selectable current ranges (10 and 100 Amperes), three automatically selected voltage ranges (600, V, 60 V, and 6 Volts), two irradiance and two temperature measurement inputs. Unless otherwise noted, this manual refers to standard DS-100C models.

Note: The three measurement voltage ranges listed here should not be confused with the load ranges (VHIGH and VLOW) selected with the range switch.

A computer running the IVPC for Windows program controls the DS-Tracer. (See the IVPC Reference Manual). The computer running the IVPC application may be connected to the DS-Tracer by RS-232 serial or USB.

Most DS-Tracer operations are performed with the IVPC program. Refer to the IVPC manual for details on operating the DS100C IV Tracer. However, the basic steps for using the DS-Tracer are:
• Connect the DS-Tracer to the computer (either RS-232 or USB).
• Turn on the tracer power and connect DS-Tracer test leads to PV array.
• Connect pyranometers and thermocouples to DS-Tracer.
• Install and run IVPC for Windows (see the IVPC manual for details).
• From File menu select New I-V Curve.
• Enter curve information and take curve.
• Save curve data.

To proceed with the Installation & Quick-Start, you will need the following:
• DS-Tracer I-V curve tracer and test leads.
• PC computer running the Microsoft Windows® operating system. page 2 IVPC Installation & Quick-Start DS-100C Operating Manual
• Serial or USB cable to connect your computer to the DS-Tracer.


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