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Evertz 9000NCP2 1RU Low Power Rack Mounted 12V VistaLINK Network Control Panel


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What You’ll get:

  • Evertz 9000NCP2 1RU Low Power Rack Mounted 12V VistaLINK Network Control Panel
  • Power Adapter


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Pulled from a working environment. Unit tested to power on with no problems. All buttons and controls are functional and responsive. Both Displays are in working order. All buttons will light up and show no issues during testing. Works great! 
Guaranteed Working!


Pictures are a representation of what you will receive with identical or similar condition. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


Taken from the Internet: 

Evertz VistaLINK® Network Control Panel (1RU)

The 9000NCP2 VistaLINK® Network Control Panel is a low power rack mounted, 1RU control panel interface to VistaLINK® capable frames and modules, allowing for real-time selection and configuration control of enabled parameters.

The 9000NCP2 connects to the network via Ethernet and communicates via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In its simplest network configuration, the 9000NCP2 can be directly connected to a single frame’s 7700FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller via a cross-over network cable.

The 9000NCP2 is used to control a subset of an enabled module’s full parameter set. Specifically “proc amp” functions such as video & audio level adjustments and gain control are adjustable through the 9000NCP2.

• Low power, rack-mountable and compact 1RU control panel 
• Single, 4-line, 24 alphanumeric digit per line vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) featuring very high brightness and widest viewing angles 
• 16 (8 + shift key) illuminated, tactile and full-size quick access pushbuttons with position and selector rotary control (shaft encoder) 
• Built-in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) communication interface over Ethernet connection 
• Operational configuration control of key VistaLINK® capable product parameters 
• Quick access preset button, frame and card labels, and configuration privileges controls available via VistaLINK®


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