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GE Datex Ohmeda S/5 ADU CareStation Anesthesia Delivery System Cart Unit+Module


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Product Description

What You’ll get:

  • GE Datex Ohmeda S/5 ADU CareStation Anesthesia Delivery System Cart Unit+Module
  • Power Cords
  • OneAC ONm600 Power Distribution Unit
    • Please note the PDU battery feature is defective.
  • Gas Hoses
  • (1) Isoflurane Cassette Vaporizer
  • (1) Desflurane Cassette Vaporizer
  • Manuals
  • HP Philips M1276A Module Rack
    • M1012A C.O. Module

    Gas Tanks, Modules, Battery, and other Accessories NOT INCLUDED.

  Due to the size and weight of this unit will need to be freighted. Please contact us via email for a freight quote or for local pick-up

Other Accessories that are Not pictured or mentioned under “What You’ll Get” are  Not  included

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Pulled from a working environment. Unit tested to power on with no problems. All buttons and controls are functional and responsive. Works great! Battery appears to be defective and has FAULT light blinking.
Guaranteed Working!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


Taken from the Internet: 

The ADU is a current and very popular production unit from Datex-Ohmeda. It features all of the versatile of standard anesthesia system (ventilator, absorber, etc.) plus a bulit in patient monitor.

  • Tidal volume compensation provides accurate delivery down to 20 mL by compensating for patient circuit compliance and fresh gas flow  
  • State of the art Electronic fresh gas flow measurement and O2/N2O/AA ratio control down to minimal flows  
  • Service free, lightweight Aladin Cassettes for all five agents  
  • Integrated Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia Monitor for physiological data  
  • Battery back-up for Datex-Ohmeda Anesthesia Monitor  
  • Data integration of agent and gas flow usage to information management system  
  • 12-inch color display for anesthesia delivery data  





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