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Harris Aastra Broadcast NetVX SYS-A12 System Controller Management Module Card


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  • Harris Aastra Broadcast NetVX SYS-A12 System Controller Management Module Card


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The NetVX’s SYS-A22 System Controller Module provides control and management functionality to the entire NetVX system. SYS-A22 functions include provisioning, status, fault management, and supervisory control. The SYS-A22 is designed to provide redundant system control. Systems configured for redundant system control use two SYS-A22s installed in slots one and two. A SYS-A22 can also perform redundant functions to a SYS-A12 System Controller. Each SYS-A22 module includes two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interfaces. One interface provides an IP connection for system control and firmware upgrades. The second interface is for monitoring purposes and connects to same interface on an optional backup system controller. The SYS-A22’s ‘Reference Input’ accepts a 300mv black burst signal on a BNC interface which is internally terminated with a 75-Ohm load. A black-burst signal received through this interface provides a genlock reference to any of the NetVX’s video and audio outputs. A DB-15 interface provides a connection point for cabling to the NetVX’s rear connection board. The NetVX’s connection board breaks out the system’s SYS-A22 modules’ RS-232 and RS-422 serial data signals for connections with external equipment



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