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IMETRIK Imetrik-Collect-ND GPS Car Vehicle Location Tracking Module Alarm System


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  • IMETRIK Imetrik-Collect-ND GPS Car Vehicle Location Tracking Module Alarm System
  • External Antenna
  • Starter Wires
  • Power Adapter Cable


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iMetrik-COLLECT asset tracking will boost your profits

Reduces skips by 33%

Decreases repossessions by 13%

 Cuts delinquencies

Boosts on-time payments


With our vehicle tracking system, you’ll experience more on-time payments, fewer repossessions and greater profits. Our tracking system will modify your customers’ behavior.


iMetrik-COLLECT tracking system makes it easier to manage high credit risk customers. It helps avoid payment delinquencies and increases asset recovery. Our vehicle tracking system can:


Alert drivers when they are delinquent, with a warning alarm every time they start the vehicle

Disable vehicles when delinquencies exceed a “grace period”, by remotely disabling the starter

Re-activate vehicles after payment has been made

Locate a vehicle for recovery


iMetrik-COLLECT asset tracking lowers your risk and stabilizes your cash flow.


The iMetrik-COLLECT System greatly enhances asset security

and your collection capabilities, yet it is simple to use

Just contact the vehicle’s GPS monitoring device via wireless network, then use the “dashboard” application to observe location, send commands and more.


The Device

The compact vehicle-embedded device is just 1” high X 3” long X 2” wide, so it can be discretely located on the vehicle. Protected by a rugged casing able to stand up to the harsh automotive environment, the GPS locator device consumes very little power, so there is minimal drain even on well-worn vehicle batteries. The device features wireless GPS monitoring and a starter interrupter which can disable a vehicle or re-enable it, plus an emergency by-pass code, so a driver can be given a code to start the truck should it be disabled out of coverage range.

 The Network

The device connects to the largest private network of carriers serving the fleet management market for the highest probability of seamless connectivity. This GSM/GPRS quad band wireless coverage ensures the best results for lenders who want to constantly connect with their assets for security and surveillance purposes.


The Applications

You access each vehicle or group of vehicles remotely in real time through a web-based “dashboard” accessible on any web-enabled computer or mobile device. This monitoring software lets you manipulate vehicle activities using wireless networks and a password-secured application.


The dashboard uses Microsoft’s Virtual Earth™ to locate any vehicle in a few seconds and send commands to each vehicle via satellite at any time. You and other staff members can also receive alerts via email or instant text messages on exceptional behavior which may require intervention, so that you can respond immediately. Finally, the monitoring software lets you save time by scheduling alerts (for example, maintenance alerts), minimizing the need to re-input repetitive commands. Alerts include:


Perimeter-based alerts – Receive alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a zone marked out by you. You can “geo-fence” a vehicle by designating up to 10 keep-in or keep-out zones. Zones can be a small as a garage or lot, or as big as a country, to trigger cross-border violations

Network Presence Indicator – Displays which vehicles have connected to the network within the last 24 hours and their locations – no need to perform a locate command

 Power loss alert – A critical alarm when the power supply is suddenly removed by tampering with the device – an indicator of theft risk

Battery low voltage alert – Prompts an alert if a vehicle’s battery is below its effective power capacity

Mileage threshold alert – Set predefined mileage alerts to prompt vehicle maintenance reminders and help maintain the value of the asset

Our GPS car tracking system helps ensure your customers pay when they should, without you having to chase them!

Our BHPH system helps you avoid late payments:


Once the system is installed, you can use the Warn feature to remind the driver that their payment is overdue. The driver will hear a loud beeping for a full 30 seconds every time they start the car

You can disable vehicles when their late payment goes past a “grace period”, by remotely disabling the starter. Now you have the power to ensure that car won’t start until they pay up!

 You can re-activate vehicles after payment has been made

You can also locate cars for recovery, if necessary


Our car tracking system can be embedded in a vehicle in as little as 10 minutes. It lets you interact with the vehicle remotely from anywhere, using any computer with Internet access. And drivers cannot remove the GPS car locator without your knowledge, because a Power Loss Alert is sent to you immediately if the power supply is removed by tampering.


The iMetrik-COLLECT GPS car locator significantly reduces the rate of skips and repossessions, saving you time and money. If repossession does become necessary, our GPS car locator will help you cut repossession costs by disabling and locating the vehicle in a short amount of time.


Overall, iMetrik-COLLECT car tracking lowers your risk when giving credit, cuts your collection costs and increases your cash flow. It will help your Buy Here Pay Here business succeed!

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