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Kodak CR950 DirectView Diagnostic Radiology Multi-Cassette Processing CR System


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What You’ll get:

  • Kodak CR950 DirectView Diagnostic Radiology Multi-Cassette Processing CR System
  • Power Cord
  • Software Floppy Disks
  • Desktop Computer
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard

  Monitor, Cables, and other Accessories NOT INCLUDED.

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Unit was not able to be turned on. Due to our limited resources we are unable to test further.
Sold AS-IS for Parts/Repair!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


Taken from the Internet: 

Maximize the productivity of centralized computed radiography with the fast, reliable KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR 950 System. This advanced multiple-cassette system provides centralized cassette processing with decentralized control and workflow. Perform most aspects of a patient study from the examination room with a wallmounted KODAK DIRECTVIEW Remote Operations Panel. The radiographer leaves the patient’s side only to load exposed cassettes in the reader. An image is available for image review in the examination room in as little as 30 seconds, depending on cassette size and network performance. The CR 950 System demonstrates Kodak’s continuing commitment to the family of DIRECTVIEW CR Systems. Whether you are expanding digital imaging capabilities or just beginning your digital transition, there is a versatile, scalable DIRECTVIEW CR System to meet your needs. All deliver the high image quality you expect from Kodak.

• Process up to 86 cassettes an hour.
• Handle up to 8 exposed and 8 erased cassettes at a time.
• Cassette is ready to reuse in less than 47 seconds.
• Review an image in as little as 30 seconds at a Kodak DirectView remote operations panel.*
• Forward images directly to multiple network destinations (laser imager, diagnostic workstation, or archive) without radiographer intervention if desired.
• Print the first image on film in just 147 seconds using a Kodak DryView 8700 laser imager. *Dependent on cassette size and network performance.

• Complete an exam in as few as four screens depending on system configuration.
• Save time and effort with a bar-code reader for patient/cassette/exam ID
• Perform virtually all study functions in the examination room with a wall-mounted Kodak DirectView remote operations panel— patient/cassette/exam ID, image review, image routing/rerouting, requests for image reprocessing, and editing of patient demographics and position markers.
• Reduce time away from the patient and improve patient satisfaction— leave the examination room only to place exposed cassettes in the reader.
• Reprocess images if needed during image review—reducing the cost, time, dose, and inconvenience of repeat exposures.
• Expand the reach of this and other DirectView CR systems by connecting as many as ten Kodak DirectView remote operations panels.
• Improve workflow with a convenient start/pause button on the unit that enables two individuals to use the CR at one time—one can interact with the interface while another begins cassette processing.

• Learn and use the system quickly with a bright, colorful, intuitive interface designed for simple and consistent operation across all Kodak DirectView CR and DR systems.
• Use the same interface at the unit’s 15-inch flat-panel touch screen and at the remote operations panel.
• Pre-select up to 24 unique profiles of multiple destinations, freeing the radiographer from this task.
• Customize and preset image display parameters to suit department preferences.
• Choose the order in which patient records appear on the worklist screen to suit user preference— alphabetical, oldest first, newest first.
• Preset which field will be in focus when the worklist query screen first appears.


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