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Kronos ADP Series 400 eTIME 8600615-427 Programmable Digital Time Clock Terminal


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  • Kronos ADP Series 400 eTIME 8600615-427 Programmable Digital Time Clock Terminal

Power Cord Not Included!

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The ADP Timeclock 400 is a badge-based, data collection terminal designed specifically for use with ADP’s time and attendance software. Employees simply swipe a badge or enter a person identification number (PIN) to record in and out punches. The terminal stores employee schedules, allows supervisor editing and ensures consistent administration of payroll policies.Twelve programmable function keys provide easy customization of the Timeclock to meet your needs. Employees can use the keypad to transfer departments, check their hours or enter tips.The Timeclock 400 can communicate via Ethernet, modem or directly cabled to a PC.






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