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Leitch 6800 FR6802+ Distribution Amplifier DA (18) VSD6800+(2) VSE-6801 Cards


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What You’ll get:

  • Leitch 6800 FR6802+ Distribution Amplifier DA (18) VSD6800+(2) VSE-6801 Cards NTSC 4:2:2 Chassis 
  • (12) Leitch VSD6800+ Distribution Amplifier Serial Digital SDI-DA
  • (2) Leitch VSE-6801 Serial Equalizing Distribution Amplifier
  • (1) Detachable Power Cord

Power Modules Not Included

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Model Details The VSD6800+ is a serial digital video distribution amplfier which supports SMPTE 259M & 344M, 143-540Mb/s. Features: The VSD6800+ is a serial digital video distribution amplifier with cable equalizing The VSD6800+ features high video performance, low cost, remote control, and diagnostic capability in Leitch’s control system The DA can distribute any 10 – 540Mb/s data within the amplitude limitation You can set up, control, and monitor the VSD6800+ either locally via card-edge jumper or remotely on a PC. For remote control, you can use either a serial RS-232 or optional ICE6800+ Ethernet connection Other VSD6800+ features include the following: Input signal presence detect, Automatic cable equalization, Alarm output Specifications: Input – Signal type : SDI, ASI Input – Connector : BNC (IEC169-8) Input – Impedance : 75 ohm Input – Return Loss : >18 dB 5 MHz to 540 MHz Input – Maximum signal : 0.88 V Input – Cable equalization SDI 270 Mb/s : 0 ? 984 ft (0 ? 300 m) Belden 1694A or equivalent Output – Number of outputs : SDI 8, ASI 4 Output – Signal type : SDI, ASI Output – Connector : BNC (IEC169-8) Output – Impedance : 75 ohm Output – Return Loss : >18 dB 5 MHz to 540 MHz Output – Signal Amplitude : 800 mV ? 10% Output – DC offset : 0.0 V ? 0.5 V Output – Rise and fall time : 400 to 700 ps Output – Overshoot : <10 % Performance – Jitter : < 0.2 UI Performance – Propagation : < 12.0 ns Performance – Power : 3.5 W Temperature – Performance : 5 ? 40 Degree C (41? 104 Degree F) Temperature – Operating : 0 ? 50 Degree C (32 ? 122 Degree F)

Model Details The VSE-6801 Serial Equalizing Distribution Amplifiers provide the equalization and reclocking features required for distribution of serial video over longer distances (up to 300m for composite or 200m for component serial video). Features: Automatic cable equalization and reclocking• Provides equalization warning light which indicates when cable length exceeds user-specified maximum• Automatically selects composite• (143 & 177Mb/s) or component (270Mb/s) standards

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