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Leybold TW220 /150 Triple Inlet Hybrid Turbo-Molecular Pump Liquid or Gas Vacuum


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  • Leybold TW220 /150 Triple Inlet Hybrid Turbo-Molecular Pump Liquid or Gas Vacuum

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Unit has been refurbished by Manufacturer.
Guaranteed Working!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


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The TURBOVAC TW 220/150/15 S is a triple-inlet hybrid

type turbomolecular pump without housing designed to

be integrated into a system.

They are suitable for pumping air and clean gases.

Required for their operation are

• the TURBO.DRIVE S frequency converter

• a power supply for the TURBO.DRIVE S and

• a forevacuum pump

The pumps are not suitable for

• pumping liquids or gases containing dust or particulates

• pumping corrosive or reactive gasses

• operation without a forevacuum pump.

If reactive gases in low concentrations must be pumped

please consult with Leybold.

During operation the pressure inside the pump is so low

that there is no danger of ignition (at pressures below

about 100 mbar). A hazardous condition will be created

if flammable mixtures enter the hot pump at pressures

above 100 mbar. During operation the pump can reach

temperatures as high as 110°C (230 °F). Ignition sparks

could occur in case of damage to the pump and these

could ignite explosive mixtures.


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