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Philips ATL HDI 5000 CV Diagnostic Cardiac Pulmonary OB/GYN Ultrasound System


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Product Description

What You’ll get:

  • ATL HDI 5000 CV CardioVascular Diagnostic Ultrasound OBGYN System Color SonoCT Machine
  • (1) Detachable Medical Grade Power Cord
  • Panasonic AG-MD0835

Probes and other accessories NOT INCLUDED.

Due to the size and weight of this unit it will need to be freighted. Please contact us via email for a freight quote or for local pick-up.

Dimensions 40″ x 70″ x 48″

Other Accessories that are Not pictured or mentioned under “What You’ll Get” are Not included!

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After being plugged in, the units screen did not turn on. no further testing was done so we are selling it



Pictures are of actual item. Unit is very clean and has very few cosmetic blemishes. Some scuffs here and there but nothing of major significance. Please reference pictures for cosmetics!

Taken from the Internet: 

High Definition Imaging Tissue Harmonic Imaging.
Microfine Grayscale Imaging.
Adaptive Image Processing (X-RES)
Real-time Compound Imaging (SonoCT)

Abdominal• Obstetrical• Cerebrovascular• Peripheral vascular• Gynecological and fertility• Advanced breast imaging• Small parts and superficial• Musculoskeletal• Transcranial Doppler• Pediatric general imaging• Prostate• Adult cardiology• Pediatric cardiology

Imaging Modes
MicroFineTM Grayscale Imaging
SonoCT Real-time Compound Imaging
XRES Visualization Technology
Tissue Harmonic Imaging with pulse inversion technology
Harmonic SonoCT Imaging
Simultaneous M-mode
Duplex and simultaneous pulsed Doppler
Continuous wave Doppler
Simultaneous 2D, continuous wave Doppler
Broadband Flow® Imaging
Simultaneous 2D, color Doppler, pulsed Doppler
Dual composite image High DefinitionTM Zoom
Reconstructed zoom with pan
Chroma® Imaging
Contrast Specific Imaging (2D Harmonic, Power Contrast Harmonic Imaging, Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging, Grayscale Pulse Inversion Contrast Imaging, Power Pulse Inversion Imaging, MicroVascular Imaging* and Agent Detection Imaging*)
Color Power Angio® Imaging
Panoramic SonoCT Imaging
Power Motion Imaging
Tissue Doppler Imaging
3D SonoCT Imaging
3D Color Power Angio Imaging
3D Grayscale Imaging

Control Panel and User Interface
Easy-to-learn graphical user interface
Primary controls readily accessible and logically grouped
Commonly used secondary controls located on “superkeys” for quick access
Other secondary controls accessible through on-screen menus
Slide pot control of TGC curve, overall gain control knobs for 2D, color and Doppler
Smart TGC: pre-defined TGC curves optimized for consistently excellent imaging with minimal TGC adjustment

Gray Shades
256 (8 bits) in 2D, Doppler spectral analysis
64 (6 bits) in M-mode

Acquisition Frame Rate Greater than 500 frames/sec (dependent on field-of-view, depth and angle)

Image PresentationUp/down• Left/right• Multiple duplex image formats (1/3-2/3, 1/2-1/2, 2/3-1/3)• Depth to 24 cm




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HDI 5000 CV


HDI 5000 CV

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