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Promatek Copitrak Pro Eclipse Copier Scanner Workflow Client Server Terminal


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  • Promatek Copitrak Pro Eclipse Copier Scanner Workflow Client Server Terminal


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Pulled from a working environment. Unit tested to power on and boots up with no faults. All buttons and controls are functional and responsive. Works great!
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Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


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Copitrak Pro

TCP-IP Communications – Advanced Cost Recovery Features

Built on Flash ROM technology and 100% solid state, the Copitrak Pro terminal is a reliable and cost effective way for firms to begin tracking copies, scans, faxes and disbursements.

The Pro terminal is a true Client/Server terminal, using State-of-the-Art TCP/IP communications, allowing terminals to communicate back to a central Copitrak server from any point within an existing LAN and WAN network.

The Pro terminal is available in the following configurations: Copy only, Fax only, Copy/Fax, and dual Fax. All versions support tracking of miscellaneous disbursements.

As with our top of the line Eclipse terminal the Pro terminal will also let you view a profile of your last jobs, seamlessly search your client list based on variable criteria and help you complete your data entry with AutoFill.

When linked with Copitrak Print tracking software, the Pro terminal facilitates secure Print for document release at any multifunctional copier/printer. Configured as a fax control terminal, the Pro has a dual-line capability and is compatible with all fax devices. The Pro terminal includes special features for tracking incoming fax as well.

Built-in Scan Routing and Tracking

Automatically routes jobs. Tracks, manages and assigns costs associated with scanned paper documents. Integrated with multifunctional copy/print/scan devices including:

  • User information and validation is completely managed by the Pro terminal
  • Automatic Scan Routing
  • Universal ScanTrak automatically links with all vendors including Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Konica, Toshiba, HP and others
  • Eliminates the need to manage your Scan environment
  • Scans automatically route to a users inbox, desktop or personal folder

Maximum Cost Recovery

The highest realization of revenues from billable expenses is a hallmark of all Copitrak products. The Copitrak Pro terminal makes it easy for users to enter and validate billing information without interfering with their workflow. The following convenience features ensure maximum cost recovery:

  • Global last job recall of 16 Accounts and Speed Dial of up to 20 Accounts
  • Super Search for account numbers searches alphabetically, phonetically or key word
  • Auto complete – the terminal automatically completes account numbers
  • On-screen display for Non-Billable Account usage.
  • On-screen display of descriptive names for Account validation
  • The terminal will also track other miscellaneous disbursements such as postage or courier charges.

Network Architecture

  • Full TCP/IP communications
  • DHCP support
  • Real-time Server validation
  • Real-time server transaction storage
  • Up to 3 host servers removes single point of failure
  • Designed for minimal network traffic, independent of Account list size
  • Realtime display of communications status
  • Local battery backed up RAM stores all users and transactions if server is offline
  • Scan feature searches alphabetically, phonetically or by key word
  • Auto-detects Color within a Black and White job

Key Features

  • Large 160 character backlit display
  • Qwerty keyboard / convenient numeric keypad
  • Dedicated feature keys – scan, search, speed dial
  • Super Search finds key words from within account description
  • Intelligent Prompting activates only required fields, based on user criteria
  • Secure print release
  • AutoFill reduces user keystrokes completing account field automatically
  • Intelligent Field Masking eliminates keystrokes
  • 5 programmable and fully validated data entry fields
  • Centralized configuration and support of terminals
  • Copitrak Scan – Track, manage and assign costs associated with scanned paper documents.
  • Co-exists with present Copitrak systems
  • Support for up to 100 additional user-defined disbursements.
  • Mag Stripe, Bar Code, Proximity and Smart Card



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Copitrak Pro


Copitrak Pro

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