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Shimadzu TOC-5000a 5000 Lab CE Total Organic V CSH Carbon Compound Analyzer

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  • Shimadzu TOC-5000a 5000 CE 638-90260-22 Laboratory Total Organic V CSH VCSH Carbon Compound Analyzer
  • Drain Hoses

Power Cord and other Accessories Not Included

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Unit tested to power on however fan is really loud and the motherboard/computer is missing, due to these conditions the unit is
Sold AS-IS for parts or repair!


Pictures are of the actual item. Unit has some rust here and there on some of the pumps and 2 of the covers are missing from the unit, there are light scratches and scuffs from typical use.! Please See pictures for cosmetics. 

Taken from Internet:

Functional Comparison of the TOC-L Series with Conventional Combustion Catalytic Oxidation Method TOC Analyzers The TOC-L series of TOC analyzers adopts the 680°C combustion catalytic oxidation method, which was developed by Shimadzu and is now used worldwide. While providing an ultra wide range of 4 µg/L to 30,000 mg/L, these analyzers boast a detection limit of 4 µg/L through coordination with NDIR. This is the highest level of detection sensitivity available with the combustion catalytic oxidation method. In addition, the combustion catalytic oxidation method makes it possible to efficiently oxidize not only easily-decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds, but also hard-to-decompose insoluble and macromolecular organic compounds.

TOC-5000(A) TOC-LCSH/CPH Measurement range 4µg/L~4,000mg/L 4 µg/L to 30,000 mg/L (significantly extended thanks to the automatic dilution function) Automatic dilution None Yes, the dilution function can reduce the sample acidity, alkalinity, and salinity, extending the period of use of catalysts and combustion tube. NPOC measurement time (No sampler) 10.5 minutes, sample fractionated into vials -> acid added -> sample set -> conditions set -> measurement 6.4 minutes (approx. 40 % reduction), sample set -> conditions set -> measurement IC pretreatment Sparging only, automated treatment outside the analyzer Both the addition of acid and sparging performed automatically inside the analyzer Rinsing water None, replacement rinsing by sample (rinsing with sample ) only Yes, capable of replacement rinsing by sample (rinsing with sample), and cleaning by rinsing water (also used as dilution water) COD/BOD conversion Function not available Function not available Total nitrogen measurement Not available Available with TNM-L (option); capable of simultaneous TOC and TN measurement Built-in LCD Black and white TFT color (TOC-LCSH, TOC-LCSN) Accuracy control function None Available with PC-controlled model ER/ES None Available with PC-controlled model (ER/ES: Electronic record / electronic signature) Number and type of data saved Measurement results: 200 sample average values can be saved All measurement results including peak data for 2,000 or more samples, as well as up to 60 calibration curves (TOC-LCSH) Output of saved data Not available Capable of output to a USB memory stick (TOC-LCSH) NDIR light intensity adjustment Required Not required (automatic adjustment) Carrier gas problem detection Function not available Function available Main unit dimensions, weight W480×D500×H480mm,Approx.46kg W340×D660×H480mm,Approx.35kg Autosampler sample vials ASI-5000A:5mL×78,42mL×16 (as well as STD 8), special vials used ASI-L:9mL×93,24mL×93,40mL×68, Commercially-available vials used Simple autosampler None set 8 samples can be set as standard, and up to 16 samples can be set with the unit added. Special vials are not needed, and water samples can be measured as is in their collection bottles. Halogen scrubber for high-salt samples (B-type halogen scrubber) No option available Option available



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TOC-5000A 5000



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