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Siemens Acuson Sequoia C256 Cardiac Diagnostic Ultrasound SVO-9500MD Recorder


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Product Description

What You’ll get:

  • Acuson Sequoia C256 Cardiac Ultrasound Machine Rollable Cart
  • Sony SVO-9500MD VHS VideoCassette Recorder
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Cart
  • Power Cord

Probes / Attachments, Cables, and other Accessories Are Not Included

Due to the size and weight of this unit will need to be freighted. Please contact us via email for a freight quote or for local pick-up
40in x 48in x 60in


Other Accessories that are Not pictured or mentioned under “What You’ll Get” are  Not  included

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Pulled from a working environment. Unit was power up and was able to fully boot into software with no issues. Screen is in good working order, there were no issue found with the display. Keyboard will light up and all functions are responsive. Cursor is fully working and will slide along the screen with ease. VHS will load and unload cassette and will work with no issues. Unit is in good working order over all, there were no issues detected during resting.
Guaranteed Working!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. One of the sides was scratched during transportation, this was only surface damaged and will not affect performance.  Please see all pictures for additional details on the conditions of the unit.


Taken from the Internet: 

ACUSON Sequoia C256 is a state of the art patient-specific ultrasound machine engineered with the latest imaging innovations, including patented coherent imaging technologies for extraordinary data retention, dynamic range, spatial resolution, and frame rates in every image view; Native Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) mechanism for subtle harmonic echo detection; and Native Tissue Echo Quantification (TEQ) technology for high imaging quality, among many others. Like any other Sequoia systems, the ACUSON Sequoia C256 offers unsurpassed imaging performance, streamlined workflow, and greater clinical productivity. This particular Sequoia C256 ultrasound platform is strategically designed for long-term upgrade strategy and versatile core architecture that meet both today’s and the future’s standards for ultrasonic imaging performance, clinical efficiency, system capability, imaging advancements, and cost-effectiveness transfer of patient exam data. 

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Probes/Attachments/Cables/Anything Else Not Mentio


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