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Siemens Siremobil 2000 Medical C-Arm X-Ray Fluroscopy Dual Monitor Rolling Cart


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What You’ll get:

  • Siemens Siremobil 2000 Medical C-Arm X-Ray Fluroscopy
  • Dual Monitor Rolling Cart
  • Power Cable

  Due to the size and weight of this unit will need to be freighted. Please contact us via email for a freight quote or for local pick-up
C-Arm: 80x44x75 Monitor Stand: 35x30x70

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Pulled from a working environment. Tested to power up, however the c-arm has trouble sliding up and down. For this reason we must sell it
As-Is! For Parts or repair!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics.


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  • Longer Flouroscopy Times
  • Optimum Image Quality
  • Integrated Systems Approach
  • Flexibility & Maneuverability
  • Clinical Versatility
Anatomically Specific User Programs
The World’s Most Advanced X-ray Tube
Designed and crafted by Siemens especially for SIREMOBIL 2000, our new and exclusive small focal spot X-ray tube not only assures optimum resolution, but can also operate for more than 50 minutes of continuous flouroscopy at full output (110 kV/3mA).  That translates into duty cycles that meet the highest demands for many hours of surgical applications.
The smallest yet most efficient X-ray tube available, it dissipates heat rapidly throught a unique system of cooling fins and oil flow via the new C-arm design that enables extended, non-interupted procedures.
CCD TV Camera
The CCD camera is extremely light sensitive with 50 times the ability of conventional camersa to record bright and dark areas.  The result: sharper images and improved viewing in real time or digital memory.  In addition, unlike conventional video tube camers, the CCD camera has no filament to wear out, requires much less power, and does not “lag” (no comet-like tails when camera or object moves).  The result: longer, distortion-free life.
Flicker-Free Monitors
Dual, flicker-free 17″ autoo brightness monitors, with 120 Hz versus a normal 60Hz cycle, assure sharp images.  In addition, a sensortouch keyboard provides customized image information and documentation with a push of a button.
High-Performance Generator
SIREMOBIL 2000 features entirly new technologies, including a high-frequency 20 kHz generator with .9 times dose yield and maximum heat storage even under extreme loading, e.g., in interventional use or penetration of lateral lumbar views.  The generator’s yield, combined with our new X-ray tube and metal-ceramic image intensifier, guarantee optimum image quality.
Integrated System
A highly mobile compact trolley incorporates and orthopedic or vascular memory with keyboard .
Digital Image Processing
Continuous or Pulsed Digital Radiography
Dual-Mode Image Intensifier Input Screen Format
Subtraction and Peak Opacification with Roadmapping
Easier to Operate
An ergonomically efficient trendsetter, all system operations of the SIREMOBIL 2000 are easily programmed and monitored from a sensor-touch keyboard and control panel with electronic screen.
Five operating modes provide clinical versatility.
  • Continuous flouroscopy
  • Pulsed flouroscopy
  • Digital radiography
  • Pulsed radiography
  • Subtraction and roadmapping


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