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Sierra SIIC 2400-1 Vault Continuous Combustible Gas Monitor Carbon Monoxide CO


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  • Sierra SIIC 2400-1 Vault Continuous Combustible Gas Monitor Carbon Monoxide CO

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Unit is untested and
Sold AS-Is for parts or repair!


Pictures are of the actual unit. Light scratches and scuffs from typical use, but very clean overall. Please reference pictures for cosmetics. Some of the cables look ilke they are disconnected.

Taken from the Internet: 

The Model 2400 series Vault Gas Monitors provide continuous monitoring of Methane (and other Combustibles) and Carbon Monoxide gas simultaneously in a confined space to provide safety for personnel and to reduce the hazard of gas explosion. Two versions of the Model 2400 are available. The 2400-01 has a Carbon Monoxide sensor with a range of 50-200 ppm CO. The Low CO version, 2400-21, has a range of 0-100 ppm CO for current OSHA and NIOSH regulations with the Model 2400.

Features of the Model 2400 series products include:
– Local visual and audible alarms.
– Remote Visual Alarm Indication Box (Model 2401 option)
– Ambient temperature change compensation.
– Long-life solid state gas and temperature sensors.
– Battery back-up for uninterrupted power supply.
– Continuous battery voltage monitoring.
– RFI/EMI AC Power Line Filter together with electrical and mechanical design to reduce electro-magnetic interference.
– Five alarm relay contacts.
– User selectable active or passive relay alarm test.
– Single PC board assembly and modular harness construction for easy maintenance.
– Alarm Test button
– Mil Spec Amphenol connectors for AC and alarm lines.
– Smoke Detector (Model 2404-00 option) with battery back-up.
– Fused Battery Charging Circuit.
– Fused Vent Relay (K3).






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