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Sony DNW-A22 DNW-A22 BETACAM SX Digital Video Cassette Tape Player Deck LTC VTC


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Product Description

What You’ll get:

  • Sony DNW-A22 DNWA22 BETACAM SX Digital or Analog Video Cassette Tape Player Audio Video Broadcast Production Editing Deck
    • Operating Hours 17470
    • Thread Hours 11553
    • Tape Hours 1222
    • Drum Hours 2475 
  • Detachable Power Cord

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Pulled from a working environment. Unit tested to power up smoothly, no error message noted. Buttons are responsive.

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Taken From Internet:

The Sony Betacam SXTM System achieves superior picture quality, faster editing, increased system flexibility, and greater productivity in every aspect of news gathering and production compared to conventional analog systems. The Betacam SX format is the next generation Betacam® format, drawing on the long experience of Sony in serving the ever-changing, real-world needs of the broadcast community. Complying with a compression algorithm of MPEG2 4:2:2 Profile at Main Level (MPEG2 4:2:[email protected]), the Betacam SX system brings all the way benefits of digital technology to the broadcast industry. The DNW-A22 Digital Video Cassette Player is especially designed for easy integration into current analog Betacam systems, providing the superb picture quality and cost-efficiency of the Betacam SX format. Furthermore, the DNW-A22 has the capability to play back tapes recorded in the current analog Betacam and Betacam

High Picture Quality of MPEG2 4:2:[email protected]
The DNW-A22 Digital Video Cassette Player delivers the
superb digital picture quality of the Betacam SX format,
recording 8-bit, 4:2:2 component digital signals using an
advanced compression algorithm.
The robust compression algorithm of the Betacam SX format
results in a reduced bit rate of 18Mbps for the video signal,
achieving greater efficiency in transmitting the signal from the
field to the station and in storage onto disk.
Betacam SX picture quality exceeds that of Betacam SP
format, maintaining broadcast-quality pictures with excellent
luminance detail and improved color resolution. The
Betacam SX recording format also preserves 507 active
lines per frame as well as vertical blanking signal
information and supports 4-channel,
16-bit/48kHz digital audio.
Analog Playback Capability
The DNW-A22 has the capability to play back analog
Betacam and Betacam SP recordings made on oxide or
metal particle tape. This analog playback capability
maintains the long-term value of existing analog tape
archives and enables existing Betacam SP camcorders to
be used for acquisition.
Long Playing Time
Both S-size cassettes and L-size cassettes can be used
with the DNW-A22. A single S-cassette provides up to 62
minutes of playback time while an L-cassette provides up to
194 minutes.
Simple, User-friendly Operation
The DNW-A22 provides simple operation from the control panel,
with a familiar Jog/Shuttle dial to give editors a “hands-on” feel.


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