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SuturTek 360° 360 Degrees Fascia Closure Device Surgical Suturing Stitching

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  • SuturTek 360° 360 Degrees Fascia Closure Device Surgical Suturing Stitching
  • Sterilization Case

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Sterile, pre-packaged, single use disposable, needle-protected suture cartridges are attached to the device. Each cartridge contains a standard needle and suture.
The surgeon retains complete control of the placement, depth, and spacing of each stitch. The needle always follows the arc of its own curve, minimizing trauma to the tissue. The result is a series of consistent, high quality stitches.
The SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device uses all standard types and sizes of sutures and a standard curved fascia closure needle, enabling placement of all types of continuous or interrupted stitches.
The SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device precisely replicates traditional hand suturing technique, delivering Gold Standard closure. Safe. Fast. Easy. Sutures Like a Surgeon
A single SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device disposable suture cartridge will enable a surgeon to place as least as many stitches than surgeons can now place using a conventional fascia closure suture. No extra length of suture is used up when suturing with the SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device as compared to hand-suturing with standard fascia closure sutures: if two standard sutures are required for closure, then two SuturTek 360° Fascia Closure Device disposable suture cartridges will also be required…
The needle is a standard taper point, 65mm in length and .062 inches wire diameter (equivalent to Ethicon’sTP-1needle.) SuturTek’s needles are manufactured by B.G. Sulzle, the largest independent manufacturer of surgical needles in the world.






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